"Not only do these cakes look fantastic they taste delightful. Made and crafted with skill, style and love. Kymmy listens to your requirements then turns it into beautiful reality. I have ordered two large speciality cakes and the outcome was spectacular. Along with the big cakes Kymmy's cupcakes and cupcake jars are lush." - Marian L, Essex


All of the cakes that I create are made bespoke to your individual requirements and the final price of your cake will be determined both by the size and complexity of the design. Once design details have been discussed, I will be able to provide you with quote for your cake. I am also happy to provide a quote for various sizes in the same design.


Celebration Cakes - Prices start from £45 for a 6" sponge cake with simple design.

Cupcakes - Buttercream topped cupcakes start from £2 each, fondant topped cupcakes start from £2.50 each and both require a minimum order of 6.

Cake-It-Away Trays - Priced at £6 each and postage costs vary depending on how many are purchased.

Tiered Cakes - Prices start at £100 for two sponge tiers with simple design.

If you wish to create the illusion of a taller, tiered cake but are cautious with your budget, additional dummy tiers can be added to create the overall look of an extravagant cake whilst helping to manage the final cost.