Cake Cutting Guide

I know this may feel a little strange showing you how to cut a cake, however, cutting a cake in this way will enable you to get the most amount of servings. It's also a really handy indicator as to what size of cake, as well as how many tiers, you may need to order to cater for all of your guests.

It's surprising how many portions even the smallest of cakes will provide. The photos below show a mini 4" cake and gave eight Party Slices (also known as Dessert Slices or Coffee Slices) cutting these in half again will provide a Wedding Slice (also referred to as a Canape Slice or Finger Slice) meaning this mini cake would comfortably have served 16 wedding guests.

The Wedding Slices may seem small at first glance, but if you take into account that by the time it comes to cutting the cake most guests will have eaten a wonderful meal, and the cake is often served alongside the evening buffet, small portions really are all that's needed.

Party Slices

You'll want to start by cutting a strip of cake that's 1" wide and then cut that strip into 2" slices. I tend to remove the toppings and decoration prior to cutting but you don't have to.

Party Slices are generally 2" x 1" x 4", or taller depending on the height of your cake.

Continue to cut the cake into 1" strips followed by 2" slices, cutting all the way along the cake. If your cake is particulary tall you can even cut the slices in half width ways to make it go even further.

Wedding Slices

By cutting the 2" slices in half again (as seen in the photos above) you'll double the amount of servings per cake. They may seem small, and yes, you're probably thinking you could eat at least two of those (OK, OK, four!) but they're a perfect sized portion for wedding guests as well as for children's portions at a party or for popping into their party bags.

Portion Guide

This is a guide as to how many Party Slices each size of cake will approximately provide. To get an idea of how many Wedding Slices each cake would provide simply double the quantity shown.

It's worth baring in mind that most UK wedding venues will cut the cakes into the Wedding Slice portions so if you would prefer the Party Slices you may need to discuss this with your venue.