"Not only do these cakes look fantastic they taste delightful. Made and crafted with skill, style and love. Kymmy listens to your requirements then turns it into beautiful reality. I have ordered two large speciality cakes and the outcome was spectacular. Along with the big cakes Kymmy's cupcakes and cupcake jars are lush." - Marian L, Essex


Each cake is made bespoke to your individual requirements and so the final price will be determined both by the size and complexity of your chosen design. Once design details have been discussed I will be able to provide you with a personalised quote.
I am happy to provide quotes for various sizes and tiers in the same design.

Each tier of my cakes contain four delicious layers of sponge filled with buttercream and conserves that compliment your chosen flavour.


Cupcakes - Buttercream swirled cupcakes - Start from £12 for a box of 6 with one flavour. (View Gallery)
Fondant topped cupcakes - Start from £15 for a box of 6 with one flavour.

Boxes of 12 can have up to two flavours.

Mini Celebration Cakes - A mini 4" cake with personalisation startsfrom £25. (View Gallery)

Celebration Cakes - Prices start from £45 for a 6" sponge ake with naked or buttercream finish and simple design. (View Gallery)

Number Cakes - Prices start from £45 for a single number, and from £65 for two numbers, made from sponge cake with simple toppings. (Please Note - these are only available with a Naked, Semi-Naked or Chocolate Trimmed finish. These are not available in fondant.) (View Gallery)

Tiered Cakes - Prices start from £100 for two sponge tiers with naked/buttercream finish and simple design. (View Gallery)

If you wish to create the illusion of a taller, tiered cake but are cautious with your budget, additional dummy tiers can be added to create the overall look of an extravagant cake whilst helping to manage the final cost.

Double Barrel Cakes - Prices start at £90 for a 6" cake with simple design. (PLEASE NOTE - Double Barrel cakes are only available with a Naked/Buttercream finish and not fondant.) (View Gallery)

Cake-It-Away-Trays - Available for posting throughout the UK. Priced at £6 each plus postage if required. (View Gallery)

Pavlovas - Available as Numbers, Letters or classic round. Toppings can vary from chocolates, fruit, Macarons and more! Priced from £40. (Must be kept refrigerated at all times) (View Gallery)

Cheesecakes - Available in a variety of flavours with a delicious decadent drip and a wide choice of toppings. Prices start from £35 for a 6". (Must be kept refrigerated at all times) (View Gallery)

Geo Cheesecakes - Individual cheesecakes in a chocolate shell with delicate decoration, available in a range flavours. £18 for 6. (Must be kept refridgerated at all times) (View Gallery)

Biscuits & Cookies - Cookies, Loaded Cookies availaable with a choice of toppings or fondant topped Shortbread Cookies available in various shapes, with choice of decorations or personalisation. Prices start from £9.50 for 6. (View Gallery)

Cakesicles/Brownicles/Candy Hearts - Cake, Cookie Dough or Brownie filled cake lollipops with candy chocolate coating and sprinkles. Prices start from £8.50 for 3. (View Gallery)


Cakes are available in 3 heights.

Standard Height - These are the minimum height that you can expect your cake to be and they are between 4" and 5". This is the minimum for any cake ordered. Each standard height cake is made from 4 layers of sponge cake along with fillings.
Additional Height - These are if you wish for your cake to be a little taller than Standard Height and are made up of 6 layers of sponge cake plus fillings and will stand at approximately 6" - 7". Again, this is the minimum height and they may be a little taller.
Double-Barrel - These are essentially one standard height cake stacked on top of another standard height cake (it's basically a tiered cake but the tiers are the same size) and so are made from 8 layers of sponge cake complete with fillings and will stand at approximately 8" - 10". As with the other height options this will sometimes be taller.

Both the Additional Height and Double-Barrel cakes incur additional costs.

Please click here to see a comparison of the different height options. They are shown from Left to Right - Standard, Additional and Double-Barrel.