Each cake is made bespoke to your individual requirements and the final price will be determined both by the size, number of tiers and complexity of your chosen design. Once design details have been discussed I will be able to provide you with a personalised quote.

The folllowing are starting prices and are intended as a guide only:

Celebration Cakes -
4" (Serves 4-8) Naked/Semi-Naked from £35, Ganache from £45
6" (Serves 15) Naked/Semi-Naked from £55, Ganache from £60, Fondant from £70
8" (Serves 25) Naked/Semi-Naked from £65, Ganache from £75, Fondant from £90
(Each celebration cake contains four sponge layers filled with buttercream and conserve.)

Simply Delicious Cakes -
4" (Serves 4-8) from £20
6" (Serves 8-10) from £25
8" (Serves 10-16) from £30
(Each 'Simply Delicious' cake contains two sponge layers with a buttercream filling, has a semi-naked finish and is topped with buttercream swirls and sweet treats that accompany the chosen flavour)

Sheet & Number Cakes - 
Single Number Cake (serves 10-15) from £50
Two Numbers (serves 20-30) from £90
Small Sheet Cake (serves 6-8) from £35
Large Sheet Cake (serves 12-20) from £50

Buttercream Swirled from £18 for 6
Fondant Decorated from £25 for 6
Giant Cupcake (serves 15-20) from £70

Cheesecakes -
6" from £45 (feeds 8-10)
8" from £55 (feeds 12-14)

Decorative Fondant Shortbread -
From £12 (minimum order of 3)

Afternoon Tea and Afternoon Tea Graze -
Standard Afternoon Tea (minimum order of 2) from £15 per person
Graze Afternoon Tea (minimum order of 2) from £18 per person
Children's Afternoon Tea from £10 per person

If you wish to create the illusion of a taller, tiered cake but are cautious with your budget additional dummy tiers can be added to create the overall look of an extravagant cake while helping to manage the final cost.